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55$ per 24 hour

Want to go camping without the hassle of a bulky camper? Our tent trailer is the perfect solution! Lightweight and easy to set up and take down, you'll be able to enjoy the great outdoors without the headache. Don't let a heavy trailer or complicated set up keep you from experiencing nature. Rent our tent trailer today!


$60 per 24 hour

Our one-ton van is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to move large items without the complications of towing a trailer. Our affordable rental rates and flexible rental periods make it convenient for busy schedules. Whether you're moving furniture or tackling yard work, our van is spacious and reliable. Reserve your one-ton van today and let us help you make your move a successful one.


$25 per 24 hour

This is one of our most popular services available.  The trailer is capable of carrying 1500 lbs and will accommodate a full 4x8 sheet of plywood. It also has the option to use tailgate as a ramp and tip the trailer to allow easy loading and unloading of motorcycles, quads, or any wheeled vehicle. It uses a standard 2 inch ball and flat 4 electrical.


$25 per 24 hour

Our basic model. This little utility trailer can carry 1500 lbs and can be towed by any car or truck with a 2 inch ball and standard flat 4 electrical. It will fit a 4x8 sheet of plywood tightly inside the box.


$25 per 24 hour

This is our garden waste model. Much lower to the ground for easier loading and unloading of branches and compost waste. Capable of carrying 1000lbs. Its 4x8 inside the box and has 16 inch high sides. Standard 2 inch ball and flat 4 wiring.


$25 per 24 hour

 Low to the ground for ease of loading and unloading, this unit is specifically for motorcycles. Capable of carrying the biggest  Goldwings right down to a Grom, this is the unit you need to move your prized bike. Straps included.


26 foot fully equipped RV

Double bed, bunks, washroom, shower, stove, what else do you need camping? $115 per day. By delivery only, Delivery fee extra. $1000 Deposit required. Check for availability

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Enclosed 5x8 Trailer 

Fully enclosed trailer. 5 feet wide by 8 feet long by 6feet tall. Barn doors at rear, full size man door at front. 5000 pound axle rating, electric brakes. Requires a 7 way harness and brake controller to tow. 2 5/16 inch ball.

$50 per day



Retro camping in style

1976 Vanguard Class C motorhome. Will sleep 6. Fridge, stove, hot water, furnace, bathroom with full shower. Shes old but reliable. Take yourself back to a simpler time of camping. Immerse yourself in the mid 70s culture of the West Coast. 
$125 per night plus $500 deposit. Rental vehicle insurance required for this unit.

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